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How to make my ex think of me?

How do I get my ex to think of me in 6 steps

You have come to the right place to solve your love problems, but as you can imagine, making you think of you and miss you is not going to be such an easy task , but nothing that can not be solved, and even more knowing that 71% of Couples still keep memories of their ex. And 60% of married people are still thinking about their ex. A bad and good news do not you think ?. So let’s get down to business.

  1. Zero contact

The zero contact applied to return it is one of the old techniques that perhaps many already know, but that is worth remembering. If you are communicating with your ex, it is a serious mistake, because you can get tired of it.  The contact0 is to interrupt any contact with him for at least 1 month. Only if you do that will you get me to look for you?

  1. Spend time

If there is something that greatly captivates a man, it is a woman who cultivates her mind and body. If he does not call or seek you, you should not worry, for, during this time of isolation, you must dedicate time to the better intellectually and physically. By this, I also do not mean that you are not a cultivated person, or that you are out of shape.  I’m just telling you to do it to improve your chances. You have to make a positive impact the next time I see you, and that’s where you work.

  1. Do not worry think about him

Everything in life is a matter of mentality. So during this period without contact with your ex, take your mind away from him, and worry about other things that you should also be important. The detail of the things you should focus on, you should know better than anyone, maybe in your work, your pet, your studies, parents, or what you consider important in your life.

It is important that you internalize that both are no longer together and that the solution you will not find overnight, but you will achieve it after a few weeks. So in the meantime, rest from it, and sit down to do other things.

  1. Social life

After leaving the relationship, you have 2 options: you sink into a depression, or you appropriate the break. Believe me, there is nothing worse than seeing a woman who is carried away by Oblivion, immersed in the past, without leaving home. And that is precisely what a man expects you to do.

So you have to act smarter. Do not let the break take you, make you stand above all this situation.  Live your life, go out with your friends, that in your WhatsApp or Facebook your ex-profile sees you with a smile from ear to ear. It is the first step to start thinking about what you are missing out on.

  1. Emotional click

To think of me and call me

As soon as the cut off period ends, you can resume contact with him. I recommend that you initially do it through text messages, as it will be the most private and subtle way in which you can do it.

In addition, text messages can be viewed as harmless, and they can help you little by little to make that emotional click on him.  If you can do it through the messenger service of a social network, it is the best, since you can see your profile picture, where you will see as the best of all women. You will awaken your curiosity in a positive sense, and you will do so without seeming desperate since you have let at least 1-month pass.

  1. Jealousy

Many psychologists indicate that it is not good to jealous an ex, but let me tell you that from experience, I do not agree. Jealousy helps awaken feelings that may seem buried, but you can make them resurface.

But you must do it in a very elegant way so that he does not realize that he is making him jealous on purpose. You can simply feel jealous if you see yourself with other friends, if you look sexier than before, or seeing you express yourself better. Do not fall into the vulgarity of uploading photos kissing with another.

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