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Modern spell casters

Modern spell casters are they exist?


When we talk about magic that is used nowadays, the most famous type of it is tarot – a 78-card desk with cards used for esoteric purposes. Each of them has a different meaning. Tarot cards were invented in the mid-XV century in Europe. The tarot games were very popular those days among the high class population. Today people mostly use tarot cards to predict their future and to attract relationships.


As it was mentioned before, each card has its own meaning. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards across four suits. The cards are made with a purpose to make you think and rely on your own intuition. Each of the allegorical images represents a different type of emotions and qualities. Let’s explore some of the tarot cards.


The fool is the first card in the row, although it has number 0. It is a young beautiful man with a wallet behind his shoulders. He is full of desires and dreams. The fool represents folly and mania. Sometimes he is used to represent bearer’s follies and vices (for example, arbitrary).


The Magician belongs to the Trumps suit. Allegorically represented as a man with a wand in his hand raised towards the heaven, with eyes full of confidence and life, the magician has many different interpretations. The ritual symbols in front of the Magician signify the elements of natural life and the card itself means skill, self-confidence and loss.


Wands are another suit of tarot and the first card in it is called the Ace of Wands. A hand that holds a club is a sign of birth and creation. The second card in the row is the Two of Wands, where the symbolical image is represented by a tall man with two wands in his hands, looking from a roof over the sea. He holds a globe in his right hand and the staff in the left hand. The two objects are the opposite of each other- the globe means fortune and wealth, whereas the staff is physical suffering and sadness. The Ace of Wands card has a double meaning- it can mean life, surprise as well as trouble and fear.


The Ace of Cups card has an image of a hand that issues from the clouds and holds a cup in its Palm, from which four streams are pouring. The dove descends to place the wafer in the cup. This card means joy, content and the reverse meaning of it is instability. One of the cards that represents a female is the Two Swords, where a young woman is holding two swords with her eyes covered. The double meaning of this card is conformity, falsehood and courage.


The most ancient tarot card is the Wheel of Fortune that means movement and life. This card is usually used to attract something very quickly, as the wheel circles the energy around the sun and produces a desired result.


As we just saw, all the tarot cards have a determined meaning or meanings, as most of them can have a reversed divinatory signification. Tarot is a simple way to know the future and to put a spell on a unbounded love or wealth. If you want to use tarot, I advise you first to read as much as you can about it as you are dealing with certain type of magic that, if performed wrong, could harm you. When you are having doubts about some of the tarot’s aspects, it would be a good idea to consult a certified tarot specialist. For example, in the city I live there are lots of people who give this type of service, but you should be careful as some of them might trick you.

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