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Candle love spells to bring back a lover

Candle love spells to bring back a lover:- Candles of love spells to bring back a lover make their wishes known to the universe. Therefore, bring it back to your life.

As such, follow these spells;

  • At 8.00 p.m. light two white candles and breathe deeply and calmly. Now take your lover’s photo and sing a love spell. Then, slowly say your name and put your picture with yours. The two images must be face to face. Then, in a blue cloth, wrap the photos and a bag of chamomile tea. Finally, place the package in a safe place.
  • Again, get a prayer card with the picture of San Antonio. Now, light a white candle, one red and one yellow. Now, with full concentration, he seeks the help of the Gods of Fire, Earth and Water. Then sing your spell. Allow the candles to go out by themselves. Meanwhile, focus on your happy moments.
  • On a new moon, place nine red flowers in a transparent glass bowl with water. Add four drops of red dye. Now, hug the flowers with your hands and inhale deeply its aroma. Finally, sing your spell.
  • Also, on a Friday night, light a pink candle. Write your lover’s first and last name on white paper. Also, draw a circle around the names. Now, visualize your previous happy moments. Sing the spell three times. Let it go off alone. Finally, repeat this for seven days.


Therefore, you should try love spells with candles to bring back a lover.

Pink Candle Love Spells to recover ex

The pink candle love spells for your ex to raise your love life again with positive energies.

Consequently, try these spells;

  • Light 1 golden candle, one blue and one rose arranged in a triangle. Also, light some incense. Then, write their names on a cardboard heart. Then, place it in the center of the triangle. Now, put a key on its top. Add two red roses and a garnet stone. Again, write their names on white paper. Draw a heart around it. Then drip candle wax. Remove the rose petals one by one and put them on the paper. Now, place the key and the heart on the leaves. Then, drip some wax from the pink candle. Wrap them with tape. After signing a spell, finally hide it in your room.
  • Again, on a Friday night, light a pink candle. Then, write their names on paper; draw a circle around them. Now, sing your spell three times and look at its flame. Also, let it burn. Finally, repeat this for 7 Friday nights.
  • Also, in a dimly lit room, sit cross-legged on the floor. Now, consecrate a pink candle with musk oil. Inscribe your lover’s name with a knife. Focus on the flame for a while. Then, draw two hearts on parchment paper. Now, drip some wax on them. Finally, blow and hide the paper safely.


Therefore, you should try love spells with pink candles to retrieve your ex.

Candle spells to attract love

Candle love spells to bring back a lover:- Candle spells to attract love depend on your healthy intentions. Thus, they will fill the relationship with an overflowing love. In addition, you will get the right partner.

Therefore, cast these spells;

  • Take a map of an area where you want to find your love. Now, light a pink and a white candle on each side. Write about the expected qualities of your lover on the map. Gently remove the petals of 1 red rose. Then, let them drift on the map. While they fall, sing your spell. Again, take those petals and release them one by one from the front door. After the candles are burned, bury everything outside.
  • Again, anoint a green candle with scented oil. Then, write the expected characteristics of your lover on paper. Then, reread everything carefully. Now, enter 2 or 3 words of paper on the candle. Let it burn. After it is extinguished, take your piece and roll the paper. Then, tie it with a green ribbon. Finally, keep it in a safe place.
  • Also, prepare an altar with decorative items, near your heart. Enter “All my love come to me” three times on a white candle. Place it in the center and turn it on. Now, focus on your flame and visualize your desires. After it goes out, pick up the wax and wrap it with the altar items. Finally, hide it in a safe place.

Therefore, you will benefit from candle spells to attract love.

Red candles enchant spells that work fast

Love spells with fast-running red candles provide amazing results when done with the right intention.

Therefore, consider these spells;

  • At dusk, light a red candle. Now, focus on your flame and cast your spell 12 times. You can also put a needle through your wick and use herbs and talisman.
  • Take three red skull-shaped candles. The first day, burn them for 1 hour. However, forging your desire for your funds. Also, place your lover’s photo and the appropriate roots, plants, minerals and herbs. The second day, burn them for 2 hours. And, on the third day, burn them completely. Then bury them safely.
  • Also, write their names on white paper. Also, write the names of 4 spirits, Abaddon, Beelzebub, Ahriman and Botis in the four corners. Now, place a red burning candle in your name and a white candle in your lover’s name. Then focus on their flames and sing a spell.
  • Make a circle with rose water. Now, place your lover’s photo and a red rose on top of the circle: light four red candles in the corners of the photo. Now, place two incense sticks in the holder. With two teeth in your hand, recite your spell 121 times. Dig a hole in your yard. Put two olives and then a red rose. Cover it with soil and add a pinch of burnt incense.

Therefore, you should try love spells with red candles that work fast.

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