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Mantra to make enemy run away

Mantra to make enemy run away:- The mantra to make the enemy run away from home or to make the enemy helpless can be used to surrender. Get the mantra to paralyze the enemy and escape the enemy of your life.

Mantra to make enemy run away

Mantra to make the enemy run away from home

An enemy is a negative person who tries to hurt you. He only thinks the worst for you. Therefore, you must use a mantra to make the enemy run away from home.

Consequently, try these mantras;

  • You can sing the Shani mantra to destroy your enemies. Sing it as many times as you want. Also, say the words slowly and clearly. Again, you must do it in the morning to get maximum benefits. Finally, you must have maximum concentration while doing it.
  • Hanuman mantra is equally sufficient. You can use it whenever you need it. You should bathe in the morning. Then, recite it 108 times for five repetitions. In addition, you must repeat it for the next 4 Tuesdays. Simultaneously, donate food and clothing to children.
  • If you are under your enemy’s spell, you can use the Shabar mantra for uchchatan. You can make your yantra on a silver foil. A clean white paper will also work. Use grenade pen and saffron or turmeric ink. Then wash it with holy water. You should have it later. Do this remedy in Shukla Paksha. You will recover in three weeks.
  • Again, you can use the very rare Stambhan. You must use it very carefully. Write it in a bhojpatra. Now sing it 1000 times. Also, say your enemy’s name after each song. Perform this ritual in secret.

Therefore, a mantra to make the enemy run away from home is a useful tool

Mantra to make the enemy helpless

Mantra to make the enemy helpless. You can use a mantra to make the enemy helpless. It will eliminate it from your life permanently. Therefore, you can enjoy a life without tensions.

In this regard, consider these mantras;

  • Take a ground lamp. Pour some butter and then turn it on. Also, add some honey in the lamp flame. Now, sing the mantra 1000 times a day. Then, take four long iron nails. Again the mantra sings. Finally, bury them in the ground. You will soon see a positive result.
  • Kali mantra is an easy tantra mantra to defeat your enemies. Recite it 1000 times for 21 days to reach the siddhi. Then you can recite 108 times daily. It will destroy your enemies.
  • You can also use vashikaran with bright and positive intent. It is a simple and direct mantra. You can gain control over the mind and body of your enemy. It will give you an excellent and effective result. However, you must do it under the guidance of an expert.
  • Again, you can use the powerful Tantrik and NavnathShaabri. They are very popular to get rid of the enemy’s problems. They are mantras of protection. As such, you should not use them badly. The boomerang may be returned.
  • In addition, you can test the Durga and Kali mantras to destroy your enemies in 60 seconds. They are powerful. In addition, they will bring your enemies to play with your feet. Tantra mantras are easy to destroy your enemies.

Therefore, you must undoubtedly apply any mantra to leave the enemy impotent

Mantra to make enemy surrender

Mantra to make enemy surrender. If you want your enemy to give up, you must use a proper mantra to give up. It will punish him and take him out of your life.

Therefore, learn these mantras;

  • Banglamukhi Mantra Prayog is a powerful sadhana mantra. It is also a known black magic technique. Start Thursday night. Use yellow food, yellow clothes and yellow fruits. Sit on a sheet of yellow wool and look east. Now, light a mustard oil lamp. Also, offer a yellow garland to the goddess Banglamukhi. Then, light incense and sprinkle holy water on your hands. Finally, pray with a dhyan mantra.
  • You can also try the very popular Surya Chant at night, just before sunset. You can also do it 108 times at dawn with a rosary. Do it every day until you get positive results. Also, light a lamp in front of Lord Surya. Finally, do aarti and sing along with him. Therefore, it will help you conquer your enemies.
  • Again, recite an Aghori protection mantra from RudrayamalaTantra. It is a Stambhan mantra to maintain control over enemies. Take your enemy’s name while singing it 108 times. It will destroy your intellect. However, you should use it carefully and genuinely.
  • In addition, you can use Rama Raksha mantra, rudram, Sudarshan mantra and Chandi path as protection against enemies. Do them regularly.

Therefore, you will defeat your enemy with a mantra to surrender.

Mantra to paralyze the enemy

Mantra to paralyze the enemy. You can use a mantra to paralyze the enemy. Therefore, you can take revenge on him. In addition, it will finally destroy it. He won’t attack you anymore either.

As such, consider these mantras;

  • You can use black magic spells and vashikaran to leave your enemy helpless. In addition, you can apply a maran mantra where your pains will be equivalent to death. You can make him sick and bedridden. Therefore, you can take revenge easily. However, your intentions must be clear and present.
  • Again, you can use kali mantra to destroy and punish your enemies. It is a powerful mantra tantra. In addition, it is easy and straightforward to follow. You must do it in secret and without notifying him.
  • Banglamukhi mantra is an excellent black magic technique to conquer your enemy. You must use the turmeric rosary to sing it for 1.25 lakh times. Again, you must offer a yellow garland, yellow fruits and yellow food. You should even sit on a yellow wool robe. Also, light a mustard oil lamp and offer it. Finally, look for his blessings. Start on any Thursday night.
  • Also, do Mahakalipooja daily at night with blue garlands, sindur and kumkum. Recite the Mahakali mantra 11 times with a black hakik rosary. Do it for three months. After that, do a hawan and use the rosary on your neck for life. Finally, sing this mantra 108 times a day.


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