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Spells for strict parents

Spells for strict parents:- Spells for strict parents or to make your parents say yes can be used to make your parents do what you want. Our spell to convince parents will solve your parents’ strict problems.

Parents are the only living beings and a unique relationship, close to the children. It is possible that a person does not discuss everything with their friends or partners, but can talk about their secrets together with their parents. Parents are those who are at our side in our good and bad times, who act as a backbone to support us.

Spells for strict parents

Parents are the ones who make us grow with their love, care and support. They never step back from their responsibilities to us. The guardians satisfy all our needs and desires and may not satisfy their desires, but ours.

We must feel fortunate to have them in our lives, since there are some orphaned children who do not have a family that does not know the meaning of love, who does not know the meaning of the family.

But every time it is not possible for those who have a family. Yes, you have heard well. Many times, children who have a family are afraid to talk about secrets among their families. They are afraid within them of hitting their cheeks. Then, they try to keep it hidden in their hearts.

It can be easy for a child to love parents who are soft and soft hearted, but it must be difficult for a child to live with a strict family. They have a strict father and family free if another is soft, but they cannot tolerate parents when both are rude and strict. So use our Spells for strict parents now.

Spells to make your parents say yes

Spells to make their parents say yes, we all want a yes in our life as an answer and we always want each question to have the solution of yes. They love to hear a single three-letter word, which is yes. But you know it’s hard to say yes with all your heart. Because it is difficult to fulfill all the desires behind a single word with three alphabets, yes.

But the only person in the world are the parents with whom you can share all your secrets to whom you can ask for anything you want. It may not be possible that every time your parents agree with your wishes, but yes, they will try to fulfill most of them.

We wish that most of our wishes are fulfilled, with the acceptance of our parents. Many times they deny our desires, or they cannot afford our desires or our desires are not correct, they indicate the wrong way.

How to agree on the parents in a single yes?

There are many ways that your parents can agree with your desire and say yes. As long as they can’t answer only yes, sometimes they can also say no. To fulfill those wishes and listen to that three-letter word of the alphabet, yes, from the mouth of your parents, all you need to perform a simple, safe and positive spell.



Photo of your parents

Your parents favorite article


Light a colored candle (which should be your parents’ favorite color), place it on the surface. Place your parents’ favorite thing next to the lit candle along with the image of their parents. Then imagine a conversation between you and your parents where your parents say yes

Spells to make your parents what you want.

Spells to make your parents what you want, what you want, our desires are endless, but resources are limited. This is what we always study in economics. Desires: human desires are unlimited. This is what we read in the spiritual books. But this is true; We are never satisfied with what we get because we always want more and more.

If we have two plates on our plate, then we look at the plate of the person sitting next to us, who has three meals on his tray and then we want more. Similarly, when we have 2 million in our bank account, and then we realize that our friends have 10 million in their bank account, then we want more, more money than him.

But the only person in the world that we always hope to fulfill our wishes are our parents. We always ask them to fulfill our wishes, and they do. But sometimes they deny it.

How to make your parents fulfill all your wishes?

But if it is for your improvement, we will suggest a spell, through which your parents will fulfill your wishes.





Here it is not necessary to perform any activity with the ingredients. You can play this spell with the help of your imagination.

Everything you need to do when you ask your parents for something. To imagine such a thing in your head with all the positive results, it will only be implemented.

This spell will not always work, but it will work on your little desires.

Spells to convince parents

Spells to convince parents, convincing someone is not an easy task, whether in their professional or personal life.

In professional life, it is difficult to convince a customer to sell your product; In personal experience, it is difficult to convince someone to fulfill their wishes. Convincing is a trick and a technique; The seller is an expert in this field, he can convince anyone, whether in his personal or professional life.

But when something like this happens to your parents, it is not easy to convince them especially for your desires, such as when you want to marry someone you love, you want to travel, you want to move to another place to improve your future.

How to convince your parents of your wishes?

Well, first, if that desire is out of your parents’ budget, then don’t push it, because they already do a lot for you. But here we suggest a spell.


Six coins

Green candle

Gold fabric

Cinnamon Stick


Prepare the green candle by rubbing oil on it. Now put all those six coins around you, circle the candle. Place the candle in a candlestick between the circle of coins and burn it. Place a golden cloth near the candle and grate a cinnamon stick. When the candle goes out, bury all the coins along with the material.

While performing all these procedures, imagine a conversation with your parents in your head where your parents are convinced of your desire.


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